Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hana Pesut

mish & colin

Switcheroo is a dual portrait series by Vancouver-based photographer Hana Pesut. Accomplices are photographed twice, once in their own clothes and again wearing reversed outfits against the same background. The magic in this series lies in the similitude of the normal and affected versions that becomes distanced when their variances become more apparent.Check out more of Hana’s work on her tumblr.

vij & andy
jodi & rob
pablo & mj
sydney & owen
miki & corey
stefanie & stu
kristy & brennan
jen & corey
danny & eliza
christina & philip
rosemary & liban
pete & brylee
michelle & trevor
michelle & jesse
matt & stormey
maryanne & dmitry
leila & azim
lana, hana & sara
katina & jerry
justin & darya
julia & matthew
jillian & andrew
elizabeth & nate
dustin & shmoo
coralie & cyrus
colin, cailin, graham & melissa

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